Update has arrived

Finally managed to get around to posting my update which isnt even worth the wait! I've done a little bit work to the peacock models when I've been able to but time to work on things like this is very sparse at the moment, so progress doesnt really show.

I've been adding the tailfeathers to Bertie and Eric and I used the correct colour copper wire, sequins and buttons to make them which I like the effect of but now I really wish I had of made them longer, they dont look very good like that.
The eyes are also missing the pupils still which is being worked on so at the moment they look like scary freak peacocks.
I also finished re-painting Bertie and re-painted Eric again but still not quite happy with his shading. Sofia still needs to be fully painted again.

Once this is done, the beaks will be made and attached and then thats pretty much it. The beaks are a lot harder than I thought to make! To get the shape right. Even though I've carried on with these, I'm not keen on them to be honest but I thought I'd just get them done anyways.

Here's some pics of how they are lately....

So thats that and on a macbook update- I had to wipe the lot which seemed to work but actually didnt and its gone weird again and keeps freezing so its booked in next week! I just bought a magic mouse so i'll have a mouse and not the laptop! As long as it gets sorted out though.


  1. I love your peacock. Every parts are very well detailled and original. I like what you did with the different textures (feathers, head, legs..). I also like the paint job and the colors choice.

  2. Thank you!!! I'm glad you like the textures on them, I wasnt so sure how I was going to make them at first.




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