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Well lately I've been back to the sculpey again and thought its time for a blog update.
After the cupcake drawing phase, I was going to draw more but then decided to attempt to make one in sculpey instead (thanks Lynsey for the cool idea and the pic you showed me of others).
I'm sure you've all seen photos online of fimo/sculpey food type things which are fun and quirky and some look really realistic!! It's something I've never tried to make before and wasnt sure how I'd go about making the casing for the cupcake itself, but got there in the end.
I decided to go for the last design I done which is in my post earlier... but the face didnt go very well really. The eyes should have been better and done differently. I textured the cupcake a bit, rather than have it totally smooth.

So here it is...


  1. He looks awesome, I still can;t get enough of the cake texture! How did you do it??

  2. I agree, that texture is spot on. I have the urge to make some actual cupcakes (muffins!!) and put faces on. Then, to preserve my masculinity, I shall eat a can of beer.

  3. Thanks Lynsey!! was just a bit of scrumpled tin foil pressed to it.
    Haha, sounds like a good idea Dean! With the manly beer of course.




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