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Steering away from sculpey on this post but to another long term obsession of mine...Coraline!!! I had started a rough drawing of this a long time ago and found it again so decided to re-work it and get it finished. Nothing really unique or a different style to this but it was nice to work on. I love this character and film so much, it's remained a strong favourite of mine ever since its release just over 2 years ago. Such an amazing style to it all.
I'm quite happy with the finish of this actually, in real life its gone quite bold and looks like a print or something and thats down to my lovely tria markers! And then I used my derwent inktense pencils over them.

Close up of the lower half of the pic...


  1. This looks fab. I like your use of colour. Are you sure you haven't stolen a piece of concept art...? :p

  2. Thanks!! lol I wish. The concept art for that was fab!

  3. What's with this 'I wish' crap! Take a compliment sis! lol. This is amazing!! x

  4. this is brilliant! i have the same Coroline obsession

  5. Awww thanks so much! haha yep, its an obsession that sure isn't fading! Best film ever!




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