Cupcake round 2

So on another cupcake related is more of a final version I created. It was a bit of a re-make of the previous designs which I sketched with the same pencils again but also got out my good ol' tria markers!! So a mixture of a few things. I then created a background on photoshop. I wanted to keep the sketch itself original though and not digitally paint it. I like the more 'hand drawn' look.
So from this, im not sure what I'm doing next but just to carry on with drawing really and I want to practice more with expressions and poses for character design.


  1. Funky designs. I can see this as a poster in my local coffee shop. Though these are more like muffins than cupcakes :D Unless someone went a bit crazy with the baking powder! What is it with girls and cupcakes...? I'm half expecting your next post to be sketches of kittens and faeries :p

    By the way, have you done anything else with your peacocks/peahen? :)

  2. Ahh thanks!! lol I know, a bit large for cupcakes but like that word better lol. Well I wont be drawing any kittens or princess things anytime soon!

    The paacocks/paehen got given as a present in the end. I want to make some more models though, just need to get ideas down.




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