Cupcakes to donuts

Following on from the previous post on the sculpey continued on to donuts! Nothing based from a design but something I love with fimo. Again its something I've never made before but always wanted to try. Considering I dont like donuts- I enjoyed making them.

So here's my attempt at little diddy donuts!

Then...I thought well those were cool to make but pretty pointless really. They have no purpose and wasnt made for anything at all. But then I had an idea- seems rare lately. But I thought why not make more and create a stop motion with them!

So, with that I started to prepare making them earlier today and will continue tomorrow. There will be 20 in total. So here's the start of it all. It'll just be a simple, basic stop motion but something to get me practising and understanding more about the movement and timing and filming etc. So it should be helpful for me and good to do.

More to follow soon


  1. Mmmmmm!... wait, you don't like donuts!? Though I'm sure that's a good thing. They look great!

  2. lol yeah! Maybes I should make chocolate too and decide to 'not like it' LOL. Thank youu!




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