Donuts again

Another update on the donuts, I made more, about 15. Doesnt really look like many but it was still cool- even though it took ages to get the coloured fimo soft enough to work with!

And like I mentioned in my other post- I want experiment to create a simple stop motion with them, just moving in pattern type ways. So I done a very, very rough test of it yesterday. I need to set things up better and more space though to allow more on screen. But here's the test of it...


  1. They look so tasty and colourful! I'm finding it hard to resist going to Tesco to purchase some. Everytime you make something I get hungry. Next time, make an apple, or I'm gonna get fat!

    With the animation, I think it would look cool to see them all together (like in the top photo) and spinning around. They belong together - like baby ducklings.

    How come you have over 30 followers who don't like posting comments? Where are they? I love the work you do, it's always vibrant and fun. Come on, followers! Don't be shy!! :)

  2. Haha!!! Awwww thanks...well next time i'll make some apples and grapes lol. Nice and healthy!
    Cool, thanks so much. I'll give that a try. I havent done anymore with them yet so its still pretty open for what I'm doing.
    And thank you sooo much for the lovely comments, muchly appreciated! :)




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