I have returned!

Sorry for the majorly long time since my last update- thats the longest I've gone in not updating my blofg, bad me!!
I havent really done a lot of work to update with until lately where I've just been sketching a little bit more. Theres still a lot as usual that I want to learn and try out skill wise and with techniques. I kind of lost my motivation for a while I think and didnt really have any ideas or inspiration but its back!!!! I have the 'passion' for design again yayy.
Also a few weeks ago I was in Manchester staying with my friend for a few days and she's also doing an animation degree and it was her hand in week, so I was at college a few days with her, just sitting in class but it made a nice change and nice to be in that kind of environment again and the tutors and class were great, i even took my macbook and worked a little on a character design.

So im back- and wont leave it for months again, I have some things I'll be updating with over the next day or so, including a random cupcake drawing phase so be prepared!


  1. So long, you've forgotten how to spell 'blog'! :p

  2. haha oops yeah!!! I didn't even notice that, time to kick my brain back into action then!




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