Alien thing??

Cinema 4D ain't exactly my best friend. It's something I never quite got to grips with on my first year for 3D character design, rigging and animating. However this is more to do with me having missed those sessions with being off. It's something I've struggled to catch up with and teach myself and I tried last summer and I'm back at the same thing again- still not really happening!

I needed to design a fairly sleek, slim character that I could try and model in 3D and I got bored with trying to design a human one but that looked interesting. So I started drawing something else and it turned into more of an alien type of thing.

Here are 2 initial styles for it...

The final design coloured....

And my bad attempt so far at creating it in Cinema 4D! As you can see, I have a long way to go!


  1. hi, a good start on the design.. one suggestion you gotta be friends with he software otherwise you will be fighting it instead of using it. Just keep positive!!! Grey 3D Software can be quite mathematical and demoralizing but the sense of accomplishment when you move from 2D to 3D, you can't describe.

    I am not familiar with Cinema 4D as I mainly use maya for modelling, but in any model from any software when you creating a character for animation is the most important thing is topology, and by that I mean how the geometry on the character is built.

    basic how the edges go around the character and how the faces on the character are all similar. hope it helps... and good job so far..!

  2. I know zilch about 3D modelling on a computer, but it sounds more like maths than art...

    Looking at your final design, I reckon it would translate well into a stop-motion puppet. That's probably my biased opinion. When it comes to art, I'm very much a traditionalist - paints, clay and other raw materials. Computers were meant to display your art, not create it :p

    Have you noticed you get art in heart, but not in brain! Aha! I'm gonna use that again. It's probably been used before, I dunno. Kinda tired.

    Anyways, them shapes resemble your character design, so you're on the right track. Keep at it :)

  3. Thanks so much Ruben, I really appreciate it, and the pic on the link is a great example thank you!
    Yeah I think I have a lot to get my head around with it but need to stick at it, its something I'd like to understand better- I prefer 2D but still would like to know.

    Thanks Dean! Ahh I think stop motion would be cool too. Haha love the new saying, you should use that more!
    I havent done any more work on it yet but will do as soon as I can.




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