The clown and the mime

Wow a few updates in the same week- I'm on a roll! I just had a great night so while I'm still in a good mood I thought I'd post this...

Again its for the new project I'm working on for when I go back to college in almost 2 weeks- not long!! Then the madness starts again. I've been doing more research and getting ideas together and a few days ago I drew these. Not in the final style I want things to look but just to get ideas going.

This was the first one I done, a bit of an odd, obscure clown. I airbrushed the background then used fineliners, ink and karisma pencils.

Then I done a version of a mime artist. Didn't quite work as well as I wanted for drawing over black- duh! But I think a mime artist is the character I'm going for and will design and develop properly.

The mime...which I don't like the font on but it was just an experimental thing.

And last but not least- just another background type thing that I airbrushed but I'm not sure what I'm doing with it yet. It'll probably go in my sketchbook for inspirations/ideas.


  1. Wow! Loving these! The airbrushed backgrounds are great, esp the top one with the vertical red stripes. It fits perfectly to your tormented clown. I wonder how it would look with a sad mouth instead of his half-smile. Maybe that's too cliché? The splatted ink is a great touch.

    I had a right good look at that bottom picture, zoomed in and everything. It's like an optical illusion. It looks like it was printed by a computer! Amazing work.

    Overall, excellent stuff Ashleigh. You're making me almost like the circus...! :S :D

    Ps Loving the regular updates :)

  2. Yayy thanks Dean, glad you like the backgrounds. The bottom one was more by mistake but I just kept going with that lol. Thank you!!

    Ahhh a possible circus convertee by the end of my project then? lol. Not quite 'zippo's circus'.




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