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These are some of what I've been looking at over the last few days. I want to create a 2D piece of animation but I think with a circus type of theme, it could be really bold but dark and I want to have a slight stop frame motion to it- less smooth and have a bit of an eerie feel to it. I want a flickery vintage style with real textures to have a more hands made feel.
All of the following clips have elements of this and show in some way the inspiration...

Carte Noire - Steam from Slinky Pictures on Vimeo.

Carte Noire- 'Steam'. Inspired by Rebecca’s stunning short film ‘Girl and the Horse’ this cinema commercial was also filmed using sand on glass.

The Girl and the Horse from Slinky Pictures on Vimeo.

'Rebecca’s stunning and poignant short film is animated entirely using sand on glass. A small girl is crying because there is a hole in her stomach, suddenly a mysterious horse appears and things begin to change…'

The Big Top from Slinky Pictures on Vimeo.

'A number of short films were commissioned as part of the gallery project ‘HYPE’ for Hewlett Packard. The unusual open brief was to come up with a story for your film that included anything that used the letters ‘H’ or ‘P’.

Circus Rider from RowdyRobot on Vimeo.

This is just a bit of an example for what I'm thinking about. I'm also now looking into mime artists too.


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