Mood board

Here is my mood board that I done yesterday for the new project. I'm actually being productive- just got my script wrote this very minute so now I can get on to writing the character back stories and start designing them (all the fun stuff).

A mood board isn't always necessary on the brief but I do like to make one as I think its a good kinda starting point and shows so initial inspiration/ideas quite well. So like the other drawings I done, I airbrushed the background, used some inks and sketched over and added pics. The font didn't come out right in the photo though but it looks fine in real life.


  1. Hey Ash! Great blog you have here and beautiful work. I look forward to seeing your next post!

  2. Nice mood board. I never really understood (and therefore liked) mood boards when doing projects. I guess it just felt like repeating work I had already done in sketchbooks etc. But I can see yours demonstrates the kind of style and feel (hence 'mood') of the project. Maybe I went about college the wrong way....?

    Have you started your course yet? Best of luck with it.

    And that's a great new profile picture. Love your hair. I think I need a new pic. The current one looks kinda moody. Hey, word of the day! :D

  3. Thanks Ty! Glad you like the blog, more posts to come : )

    Awww thanks Dean, yeah I think im more 'old school' with making mood boards at the start- just to get an idea for things. A lot of people don't like making them tho so you aint alone! lol.
    And thanks about the pic lol, - i'll take moody as the word of the day!
    Back at college tomorrow- like first day at school again!




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