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I just found out last week I have a project to do before I go back to return to the 2nd year on my course again. It's gonna be strange because of going into a whole new class that have already been together a year- like the newbie! ha.

Anyway I got the project emailed to me from my tutor and its the same as last year when I started the 2nd year (before deferring) where we start it in the summer and as soon as we go back, its worked on instantly so there's no set backs. This project will also carry right through to almost the end of the year- so around April time. ...or depending on what competition it will be entered for.

This is the basic brief so far before getting the fuller version when I go back...

'to develop an animated short, no longer than three minutes in length, that is primarily character based and can be realised in any choice of media. You MUST develop:

• A fully realised script, typed and presented in the correct format
• A concise set of complete storyboards
• All supporting character designs and back stories

You must research the submission requirements and general information about the following animation festivals and identify one that best suits your work'

So when a project is so wide open like this, it can take me a while to pin point an idea- to get a theme or storyline together. Last year I started with all the peacock work and as much as I LOVE stop motion and want to work more in it, this time I've decided to work 2D.

I randomly thought late a few nights ago 'CIRCUS'!! And I think this is the way to go for me, I've been collecting a lot of research images including make up/fashion ones too which show the style well. I like the idea of perception or something extravagant or like a masquerade. To make it more dark, antique with textures and really make a good piece from it.
This is what I'm working on now and need to get a storyline together to write the script. But i'll be posting more about video's I've been looking at and some sketches I've done so far for ideas.


  1. Exciting! :D Reading this makes me feel like I should have followed my plan to go to uni this year. I was very very close, but changed my mind at the last minute and never submitted my application. I love projects! Even the word 'project' sounds great! As do 'masquerade' and 'dark' that you mentioned - I like them. 'Circus', not so much. Don't know why, but never been a fan of circuses...(?) Circi...(?) Whatever the plural is.

    Have you decided what kind of 2D animation you're gonna go with? Cut-out? Sand? Hand-drawn? I'm a big fan of hand-drawn animation, especially the traditional stuff. If you produce something similar to a Studio Ghibli production I'll be your biggest fan :p

    Good luck with your project. I look forward to seeing how it develops.

  2. Hi Ash,
    I'm Lien.
    We will be classmate in the 2nd year.
    I lost my hand-out about the project I have to do in the summer, so could you please forward tutor's mail to me?
    My email:
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Cool thanks Dean, awww and dont worry theres always live briefs and competition things online you can do- still a project lol. I think im heading more for doing a mime artist but in a circus environment but not like all 'bright and happy'. I think more hand drawn style, scanned in etc and textures. And thank youu!!

    Hey Lien, nice to hear from you and I'll see you soon then in college! Thats no problem, I'll email it to you.




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