Oodles of doodles!

Finally back yet again on my blog to update! I haven't really been working on anything specific but more bits and bobs here and there I guess.

So a lot of this will show some rough work really and just more random pieces. But I just received a summer project from my tutor which I have to quickly get to work with because it should of been started a few weeks ago so I need to get my thinking cap back on! It's like last year before I deferred where the project will continue throughout the entire year- so I need to think of something that will keep my interested! But more on all that in another post sometimes soon.

Back to this then...

This is a character I roughly drew a few months ago and haven't really done too much with but might work on more in the future because he looks quite plain and I dont like his clothes. Here's James:

Next is a very, VERY random sketch I drew a few days ago. And strangely for me, she doesn't even have a name. I actually would like to work on this more though, change her expressions, clothes a bit and create a nice background. Something maybes more of a illustration piece for a change. (i think the inspiration and influence is pretty obvious with her hair)

And lastly in this post is another off topic, random drawing but I was more in the mood for using my tria markers again because I have been lately and forgot just how much I love them!! I don't think I'm going to take this design any further though.

There's more updates to come which are less random...I promise!


  1. Wow! Update overload ;)

    I like random. People have wonderful stuff in their heads and when they let it out, that's where random comes from. I love the sketch of the nameless girl, she looks so misunderstood.

    Maybe plain James wants a funky t-shirt design? He could do with some of the colours the character done with the tria markers has (which looks great).

    Some really nice work, AshBob :)

  2. Awww thank you!! The girl was random but I quite like her.
    Yeah a t shirt design would be a lot better! And your right there too with the markers, I think it would give it more style, less flat looking.




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