Project with Scriblet!

I mentioned this in an earlier post, about something me and my friend Donna (scriblets scrapbook) had been working on a bit lately. She was interested in looking into merchandising with illustation/character work and decided to work on a series of drawings of a character. From this the technique for colour will be experimented with until happy but in the meantime I tried doing some of the colour with my tria markers.
Donna came up with the original designs for her and the following are what I've coloured. I done a rough expression page too but it ended up more 'my style' than what really suited the true character itself.
Check out further designs by Donna here on her blog 'Scriblets Scrapbook' and loads more on her deviantart page.

And just a close up of one of the expressions above, just to show the kind of finish with the markers. I really like the style it gives but I want to work a bit more on shading with them.


  1. Cute! Nice range of expressions. I love how people have their own style of drawing. I'm still trying to find mine, it's in there somewhere.

    I look forward to seeing how this project develops. I'm going to check out Scriblets Scrapbook :)

  2. Thanks Francos and Dean! I never really thought I had my own style yet for drawing but I'm starting to see it a little more with some things. Donna has done more designs since and they look amazing! Developed really well.




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