Stationery junkie!

What can I say...I'm excited at the fact I got a new pencil case today and its so nice and it shall be my new companion over next year when I'm back in September. Sad it may sound...but I have ALWAYS been this way. Always obsessed with stationery- getting a buzz from looking in stationery shops when I was little. Always wanting new pens, had the biggest and best pencil cases in my class filled with anything and everything possible!

And 24 years on I'm still the same. But now its a hell of a lot more expensive! My tria markers have a good few hundreds of pounds worth in them and everything else. I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to any art things and fancy papers etc. Good job too with the courses I've done- there'd be a problem otherwise!

So as I'm still all happy about my new purchase today, I thought i'd share. It's a laura ashley pencil case and slighty more classy then my 'muppets- animal' one I've been using. And more compact- see I have to think about things like that! I also got 2 new markers today too, not the tria but just the promarkers in flesh tones because I've realised more lately that this is a colour I don't really have in my collection.

I bet you can't contain your excitement any longer so here it is in all its glory (but way nicer and silky in real life)...


  1. Haha! I think most arty/crafty people will be the same. I have the stationery bug too. And it stems from childhood. At 16 I applied to work part-time in all the local stationery shops. It seems strange now that I had such humble career aspirations, I just wanted to be around the stuff. Even now, when in a shop/supermarket and I walk past the stationery section, it turns my head like it's a pretty girl or something. I'm sure the mind and brain people have a name for it. It must be a syndrome of some sort.

    I agree, the new case looks classy. I like the black and whiteness, though I'm not into floral designs. I'd have the Muppets' Animal case anyday!! :D

  2. Yeah your right! Haha awwww thats sweet, im still the same though as soon as I go past any, and I love Paperchase! At least I know I'm not alone then lol.
    Awww yeah the Muppets Animal case is still cool- can't beat thr Muppets!




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