Marcel concept designs

I've been working on concept designs for my mouse character Marcel. I can't believe how many time's I've drawn a mouse over this week! And... harder to draw than I thought. It took me quite a while with different shapes and styles and to decide if I wanted him standing or flatter like a normal mouse- but when he was on the ground, his legs just weren't right at all and it didn't have the same effect really.

From my character design research previous to starting my designs- the main thing I noticed everyone saying was to keep things more simple and to focus more on the basic shapes of a character. It's silhouette is important. Not to over-complicate.

So I tried a few different styles and the thing to remember is this animation is going to be 2D mixed media style, with a vintage fickery look. So I don't want the characters to look 'TOO' cartoon or quirky like. I needs to have a element of traditional looks to it.

Here's the rough and I mean rough concept designs, some are so wrong for this but was all part of it...

The design I am now developing...


  1. Cool designs. Though that hunchback mouse is kinda creepy... and I'm sure I spotted Pikachu in there somewhere!

    Great work :)




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