I should of posted this a bit earlier- I haven't got off to the best of starts back, well not what I intended that's for sure! Been off this last week but been continuing on with getting my research file done and out of the way with the usual gantt chart- general paper work things. My script is done and character backstories for Eduardo and Marcel.

Now comes the fun part next- character design ready for creating the model sheets.

But for now this is the 3rd version of my rough storyboards. I'm hoping to create an animatic from these if possible (which would be my first proper animatic). The characters won't look like this in the final version though, this is just for initial ideas.
Next will be the character concept work and development. Lots to be getting on with.

Obviously as a final version, these will be presented properly and not on 5 pages!

Last frame on the bottom here with Marcel the mouse is being placed elsewhere, before the first frame on page 4.




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