Thought I would post a bit of an update of the circus animation I'm working on. I've had a lot of major set backs from the start with this so I have a lot to catch up on and in the meantime I'm working from home with what I can and getting my sketchbook put together etc.

I don't have the new brief yet which was given out about 2 weeks ago for creating line tests of the character/s for this animation but I've began putting together my research for it (hope its right) for contemporary animations.

As far as my character design goes- I need to work on Eduardo and finish designing him. He will be a slim, lean character and so far I've decided on a face shape and eyes but he has no body yet- good eh! Character without a body. I want to really work on how he moves when it comes to animating him and really focus on getting that correct. But for the next steps with designing him, I want to try out different clothes- such as braces, or a waistcoat, any props such as a cane.

But here are some rough designs of him for now. I started these last week or the week before but after speaking to Dave he said to make sure I got the Marcel character finished first and focus on him before Eduardo. So I kinda stopped with the Eduardo designs for a little to get other things done and out the way.

And now a very, very VERY rough and possibly most out of proportion body ever!


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