FNA Films - The Stagg Do!

This is project I'm working on for FNA Films which is a local film company here. I mentioned a little while ago about work experience/freelance I'm working on and this is it.

I done some work for them back in 2008, during my interior architecture degree. My work then was for set design and the first 'real life' taster I had of that which was great. It was for a short called 'Try Again' they made for part of the Stingers Digital Shorts. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot from it. Their vimeo channel is here.

Now they've been working on a film called 'The Stagg Do'. The blog for it is here. A brief bit of info about it - 'Charlotte and Staggy have no idea that the camping trip is just a cover story for the real stag do - at the Cock's Inn! Needless to say the Pissheads are gutted the Judge will be going too. Who takes their fascist father-in-law on their stag do?'.

And this is where I'm involved- from this there will be an animated sequence based upon this 'the Pissheads resort to desperate measures - they spike the bastard. But their cocktail doesn't knock him out, instead it causes him to freak out and run off into the woods.'

I will be creating the Judge character when running through the woods. I have a lot to work on but have a lot of images in my head for it, lots of ideas, techniques and it will probably be created with after effects in a 2D cut out, stop motion style. There will be colours, tree's, lots of rabbits, arrows- and all quite acid trippy looking! Should be interesting!! Really looking forward to creating this and after having a bit of a delay with my start back at college, I want to be back on track with things asap and get going with all of this too!

Here is the mood board I created for it... the animation itself will be a bit different to this though.

And- Frederick is back too!!! Some of you might remember him from a good while ago. Just a random character I designed but really liked and enjoyed working on. When I read the script for this- as he's a bit 'out of it' and everything is quite quirky and surreal and slapstick comedy too, I thought instead of a real looking rabbit, Frederick could be quite appropriate. I quickly created another version of him and its something I will now develop more and work on expressions for him and style but this was just a mock up of them both together.

So I'll be keeping you updated on the progress with this work too as I get on. I'm a busy bee right now! So ta ta for now.


  1. If he was made into a plushie, he'd sell!!

  2. awww thank youu...maybes not with my stitching skills though. haha




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