The legend that is Michael Jackson and Marcel Marceau

I need to look more at the movement for creating my mime artist character Eduardo. I haven't got him fully designed yet but I was just browsing through some videos on youtube and being a massive Michael Jackson fan- I couldn't not remember this, when Michael met the world famous and probably the most famous mime artist of all time Marcel Marceau. Michael Jackson was a big fan of his and met him a few times over the years. Whilst I've got images of them, this is the first time I've seen footage from it. This might seem a bit off topic but its very relevant and great reference for me for the way in which MJ moves....

And then this which is just epic!!!!! Everytime I watch MJ dance its just amazing and I'm in awe. True talent but this clip itself is just perfect right now, to really study and look closely at. It's a perfect example and something I can think about and try to do with my line tests for Eduardo.

And lastly is this line test I found of a mime artist too which is really handy right now! I need to create something like this for my line tests, but obviously that is appropriate to Eduardo in my animation. So lots to be thinking about and getting on with for sure.




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