Marcel character sheets- done!

Well it only seems right to follow on from previous posts of the final designs of Marcel to the actual character sheets- makes sense.

So it's took quite a while to get these right and I've had a few hold ups between but got on as best I could with them and to get a look that was right and inkeeping with my ideas for the look of the animation to come.

From having all my drawings prepared and textured I then made up a background on photoshop which was to be the main background throughout all character sheets- including the ones of Eduardo which are to come once I start designing him. Each sheet however would be different, showing different information of course.
Usually on the elevations sheet, I would correctly colour reference the character but as this is a hand drawn and coloured character, there aren't any pantone codes to match up to him as it all varies because of the style.

So back to designing the background- sometimes I can get a look quite quick and be happy with it, other times it takes AGES....and this did take ages. It was just one of those cases where you look at it and know yourself its not right, it doesnt say anything so it needs to be worked on until it has a better overall look and layout. I think i'm pretty happy with these and they do have a uniform style to them- not in a bad way but they link together and maintain a circus look/theme and you can hopefully tell all 3 go together, they dont look too different to each other that it looks like a different project all together!

Using photoshop to create each sheet, I used a wide range of textures overlayed on plain and coloured bucket fill backgrounds, other textures were added as 'softlight' layers and opacity's changes a lot or duplicated and parts erased. Some of my drawings weren't right to include on the final versions though as it was too cluttered on in the case of the elevations sheet- the back view of Marcel was just overpowering. My eyes were drawn to that every time and others (yep my family) agreed in the end that it looked better without. So here at long last after writing all of this about it, is the final character sheets for Marcel...


  1. You lost me at elevations sheet.... (?)

    What I do know, is that this looks great! The background pattern, colours and the border all fit together really well. You did a nice job with the fur effect too. Will there be this much detail in the final animation? I'm not too proficient with Photoshop, so I don't know how easy/hard it would be.

    Top work :)

  2. lol!! Yay thank you!!! Glad others think the background looks ok, was worried about that, and the fur texture.
    I'm hoping there will be as much detail in the final animation, I need to figure out a technique for it all. Thanks again!




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