Marcel final designs

This last week or so, as mentioned in my earlier posts I've been working on the Marcel character designs (still been off college sadly- worst start back ever!). I had my final designs and as I'm going for the whole 'hand drawn' style for took a long time to draw them all then colour!

For the character model sheets we are required to produce a one showing elevations, one for facials expressions and one for dynamic poses. I drew more for each one than I ended up using on my final boards as some just didn't look right when it came to placing them. But better to have more to pick from than not enough.

Here are some images of the development of the images, ready for putting on the character sheets.
One of the main things I want to experiment with throughout this animation and this year is the use of textures. Mixed media is something that really appeals to me but I havent had a chance to try out yet so I want to bring that into this project.

So with these images, as you can see from screenshots, I started with the original drawings and then got a general fur stock texture online and then placed it to the drawing and used as a 'soft light' layer and changed the opacity down to about 64% so you can see the fur but still see the original drawing and its colour too. I didn't want the fur texture to totally overpower.

Before colour etc...


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