SWOT time!

I haven't updated with much lately but I've been working more on research which takes a LONG time! I'll be updating more with some examples of animations I've been looking at and why.
But this is something I should of done at the start of the year- a SWOT analysis. I've produced a few of these over the last few years and it's a good way to understand skills and weaknesses to show areas to work on over the following time. It's also a good way to think more in depth of possibilities that might arise or any set backs etc. Some things that really you don't tend to think of as much or skim over. It creates a good target.

So thinking about things from the last year I done and from the very start of this new year I've created a new SWOT analysis and I want to aim to produce a new one for each main new module or every 2 months or so- just so that I have them to compare to and see how I'm getting on.

I hope this works as I can't upload the Word file, I had to take a screenshot.

SWOT ANALYSIS - October 2011.

I have uploaded it here to google docs.


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