Yeti -final design

For once I have a character and he doesn't have a name! Shock horror (that needs sorting asap). Open to suggestions though!

As mentioned in my previous post I've been working on a little character design thing for Pictoplasma. 'The Missing Link'- the deadline is Oct 31st so you still have time to enter. The full details and how to enter are on the link here

After sorting out some of the shading my design is finished. I did try with adding a fluffy white fur texture but you couldn't really see it and it looked better as it was. He's not the standard type of yeti but I don't mind that. Its our own interpretations.

So here he is...


  1. awesome!
    and I didn't kow this was still open to entires! i thought I'd missed it! yey! not that I'll have time this week like - might have to make time though now!

  2. You has a beautifull blog. I'm interesting to stop here today. Remember, dont forget to visit and gives us your comment into my blog. Thanks for share.

  3. Thanks Lynsey! Would of been cool for you to enter too, espec with your character designs!
    Thanks Prasetyo! I'll check out your blog too.

  4. Cool Yeti. Probably freezing, even :D

    Nice tones and texture. I like his face :)




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