Been a bit of a change this weekend with what I've been working on. I found out about the Pictoplasma 'missing link' project and was sent more info from Dave last week.

As most of you probably know, Pictoplasma is a major industry event which really highlights some great contemporary character designers, animations and illustrators. It's hosted in New York, Paris and Berlin for events over a few days at a time with industry talks and installations and just some really cool, different kinda things going on.

But back to this 'missing link'- basically its to design a yeti character and the best ones will be shown in Paris: 'PLEASE HELP US IN OUR INVESTIGATION and share your graphical character designs of the Yeti, Big Foot, Sasquatch, Albino Werewolf, Meh-teh, Nuk-luk, Yeren - or whatever it is called in your part of the world. By condensing all of these imaginary portraits to their platonic ideal, we hope to get a better understanding of one of our time’s last secret characters. The result will be presented as an art installation at the heart of the upcoming Pictoplasma Paris Exhibition at la Gaîté lyrique, taking place during the month of December.'

I really didn't have any design/style in mind when I started and shape wise didn't really know either. I was going to create something quite abstract and vector style but not 'too' flat like some vector work can be. But this changed quite a lot as I began working on it.

This was the first idea but he wasn't really standing out to me, I think his body shape needed to be changed a bit.

But then it went totally different and turned into this!

His arms weren't quite right and kinda hit you in the face and Donna suggested it looks better with no arms and to try and cover them- and rightly so. He's an armless Yeti but each to their own. I guess they don't all have to look exact or anything.

This was after the basic line work with the pen tool in illustrator which can be fine for some things but other times I just really dont like the finish to the line work if I want something more natural and sketchy looking so I experimented with different brushes, tweaked the width's and stroke etc.

Then the next battle- his mouth! He originally had pointy teeth. Now I'm always one for asking people's opinion as I'm working on something. I like as much feedback as I can get and had mixed opinions on the teeth- they didn't quite look right and to be honest I think it was the angle.

I had already done the majority of the colour work with rounded teeth before getting more feedback and finding out that infact the pointy teeth were better.

So I rounded them..but it took some of the character away ...

And after sorting the teeth out, I added more 'grungy' shading. I added some of the shading in illustrator in a more blocky style with the pen tool but then took it back to photoshop to add more. Which is what I've just been finishing on right now.


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