Coloured up versions - The Judge

After getting the design right for The Judge, I've spent this weekend just making more 'presentation' style pieces of the work rather than just the elevations and expressions on a plain white background. I'm also hoping that the cut out style is slightly more apparent now from these but that will obviously become clear in the animation itself.

There was also a really nice write up about the animation segment from the clients FNA Films on their blog for the film 'The Stag Do'. You can check it out here with all the progress of the film and goings-on.

Now I've got these done, its time for me to go through the script and make a list of every possible thing I need to design and do in cut out form for the animation. Things such as the rabbits, the arrows, a stew pot, his bandana etc. I also need to do an exploded version of him to get each part of the body right in cut out form so that it can move without any mistakes- i hope! So its more about planning and prep right now. I'll be posting more of this as I go and little testers of it.


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