It's official- I'm no longer a student!

I've been meaning to post this for the last week but here it is now- after many years, I'm no longer a student. It's something I'd been thinking about as I ended up missing a lot of this 2nd year again and I was just getting on with things from home.
The thing is, there is SO much I want to learn and develop skill wise and I know the area's I want to work within. I still have some health things that will take a little time to sort yet so after thinking about it and speaking to my tutor, and family/friends- I thought its time to move on really and take some of the stress away right now and it will allow me to develop in everything that I want and have the time to learn more.
I've been at that college a long time now. From doing my A levels, I started Newcastle College to do a 1 year Art & Design course, after that I spent 3 years studying Interior Architecture to get my BA hons and then straight from that to animation.

So although I don't have 'industry experience' as such apart from working with FNA films in the past and right now- its something I want to work on. It's important nowadays and I feel its far more beneficial for me to do this now and go freelance. My tutor believes I'm ready, and know what I'm doing, I'm of the right age and capable. So its best all round.

After many many years- im 24 now... It's time to be a grown up! ha. I do feel ready though and have so many ideas and goals and things I want to work on and achieve and I hope this is the start of a lot more to come.
Right now my main focus is the client project for FNA Films. I want to do a really good job with this and create something different and learn from it. I'm finally having a breakthrough with designs so I'll be posting more soon.

But for now- to any of my college peeps from past or present- its been great! Hope your all doing well and I shall be keeping this blog! I'll be updating as usual and fingers crossed in the very near future- back to MODEL MAKING!! Stop motion, mixed media, cut out- you name it!
I will also continue on with the project I started with the mime artist and mouse, I want to see that through and develop from that. But this will be picked up again once more of the FNA work is completed.

So farewell to my 'student' title and hello to the freelance world!


  1. Hey Grandma! It must feel funny leaving the student life behind after all them years. Hope you enjoy the new adventure :)

    Very much looking forward to seeing your new work.

  2. On to bigger and better things!!

  3. Ha, grandma- I feel like it now, veteran for sure! Thank you though, lots of things ahead I hope.

    Thanks Donna! :)




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