The Judge is here (well almost)

Back again and time for a little update. As you know I'm no longer a student now- oooh. But I have the FNA 'trip scene' to be working on. Now this has been something totally different for me and there's a lot I'm about to be experimenting with idea and style wise for this which I'm hoping works!

The judge design I began working on and kept quite natural and normal looking...but it just wasn't working. Trying to think of something different, I've made him more abstract and angular which for me- away from the 'scribble, scribble..more scribble' is quite something!

It's worked best to actually make him different to real life- he doesn't quite resemble himself but there are the qualities and clothes style there to him which ties in.

Here is a rough version/mock up of the colour style of his face and also expressions.

So as you can see- he has no body yet but he will have very, very soon. I've been working on that to get the style right. Again- normal isn't working. It needs to be more quirky. As its his own 'trip' and imagination- a story he is telling the others about what happened to him, I thought why not make him something he isn't. He can become this heroic action hero type of guy. So thats what he is- but a bit of a midget action hero. And on that note, I'll end it there. More to follow soon!


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