Today I've been working on the elevations of the judge character design for FNA Films 'The Stagg Do'. I've done a left and right view but just included the right view on the mock up.

He still isn't coloured up yet as I havent quite decided on the style/texture but here's my fineliner version for now.

As you can see, hes a bit of a midget action hero style guy. I made him more of what he's actually not as it's his dream/trip anyways- so he could be anything. Keeping a more realistic and in proportion style for him just wasn't really working. It needed to be more quirky and hopefully this kind of thing- him running through tree's with little legs...should be a bit more fun. That's the plan anyways. So still lots to plan and get done.


  1. He looks great! I love the side view, and like you said...I can just imagine him running through the trees with those little legs lol

  2. Awww thank you!! Lets hope his little legs will work haha.




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