Lost in the woods

I don't have an awful lot to update with, I've had somewhat of an unproductive few days- felt a bit rubbish so everything has took what seems like triple the time. Anyways- right now things for 'The Stagg Do' animation sequence are more in planning/preparation and experimenting stages.
I need to decide on what each element is going to be made from for the backgrounds- for the tree's, wood's floor and for the riverside scene too which needs water and bushes.
I also need to tweak the rabbit design for the feet and add a bigger bushy tail.

I've been trying out styles for the tree's right now- the tops wont be seen, just the trunks and from the start I've been thinking corrugated card....but actually from trying it and with it painted- it doesn't look right. Just doesn't really say anything. It's not the look I had envisioned.

So I decided to go for something else which is similar but creates a different texture- now baring in mind this isn't painted yet but its something I done a good few years ago now when making tree's for a model- polyfiller! It creates a great texture and better when painted. Done with a flatter version like this it's foamboard then the polyfiller. The final version wouldnt quite look like this or behind the tree's- that would be replaced with video footage of inks in water.

But I do think this creates a better look- or at least so far. I'll be painting them tomorrow to get a better idea. Shape wise they might be changed too.

Amd this is the other part I'm working on- cutting out each bit of the judge but I need to re-draw and create each separate part of him properly and make his arms, legs and neck longer for when it comes to moving him so it works.

And last but not least- talking of the rabbit, here is a rough mock up but not to scale just to see what the Judge character and this rabbit one would look like together.

(not to scale)

So thats how things are going right now. This next week or so will be a continuation of all of this with experimenting and getting each background element decided as well as the character structure and a rough storyboard.


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