New times- new things

Well I don't let the dust settle- after deciding on leaving and going freelance- the next thing was to get some essential things to help set me up career wise. It will allow me to progress and learn sooo much more and develop pieces to create a showreel from and build upon my portfolio- which are high on my 'to do' list!

I've wanted a DSLR camera for a couple of years now and I've looked at them quite a few times for pricing etc, but they've always been more out of my price range at the time. But for stop motion animation, mixed media and 2D- having a SLR is a well as a rostrum!
I was looking at getting a Nikon SLR and after some great advice from Zahra (FNA)...I got a great recommendation for a Canon 550D... and after looking instore at them and the newer 600D model with the swivel screen, I happily got my nice new fancy camera last week. It's certainly going to take a long time to get used to and understand. But at least I have it to learn from now.

So just to show you- which has nothing to do with animation but just some rough test shots I got with it...

And... my rostrum!! Which I only ordered on Monday afternoon and it was here yesterday- very impressive. However it's taller than what was stated so I'm a bit stuck right now for where it can go- need some serious re-arranging in my bedroom (after christmas)... but I did do some tests with it today and its great to have one of my own now and will be great for line tests and even just instead of scanning certain images too. So I'm getting there, getting set up and ideas are flowing. Lots to do and plan.

Here is the rostrum (excuse my room)


  1. Wow! You've been shopping! I want one. It looks to take nice pictures. The rostrum looks useful - I'm used to using broom handles and sticky tape. What's that Jack Skellington thing?

    I'm saying nothing about your DVD collection.... :p

  2. GAH! SO JEALOUS! I want a rostrum! dare I ask how much it cost? x

  3. ha, well you can't knock broom handles and sticky tape. Ah the Jack thing is a mug stack stand. And my dvd's...damn! ;) They are just the ones that I don't watch much- the outcasts.

    Lynsey- its great, you'd love it. I'll link you to it, it wasn't bad actually.




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