Testing, testing

With the rostrum set up, camera ready... I had a go today at figuring out how it will all work with connecting to my macbook pro and seeing which software is best- turns out Dragon Stop Motion has been updated a lot, its a newer, better version now called 'Dragonframe' and you can see the new features here and download a trial version. Now this is a program I really need to learn and get to grips with because its features are amazing and even the new Laika film 'ParaNorman' (which looks amazing already) is being created with this.

So after a lot of probably simple, stupid things- I finally managed to get it up with the live view on my camera. I don't have anything new to test out so I got some old work that I done in my first year on animation and just re-captured them. It was useful to do, just to see what its like and an initial test. A lot more to learn yet!

But here are the little tester videos of them... There are slightly better versions on my actual youtube page here


  1. Neat morphing animations. And some really cool drawings. I did some hand-drawn animation about a month or so ago. I managed to get about a second's worth done in a day and had a killer back-ache afterwards (need a proper table!). It's not easy!

    I've heard great things about DragonFrame. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with it :)

  2. Thank you! Ahh yeah, it takes ages, I get closer and closer to the page as im drawing!
    Yeah I havent had a proper look at dragon frame yet but I've read a lot of great things too.




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