Merry Christmas!!

While i'm on a bit of an update roll and its Christmas eve.... Merry Christmas everyone!! Have a lovely Christmas and an even better 2012. It's my first proper freelance year I guess, never really thought of it like that. So nice to start it off like that and work to get done, lots of plans and ideas. There's so much I want to learn and build upon and fingers crossed it'll be a productive year! I also want to get to really learn my lovely SLR camera. Onwards and upwards for 2012. And....get my Eduardo and Marcel circus animation done at some point too. I'd like to continue with that when I have time.

So for now I shall leave you with this- my room is a bit of a Burton shrine, and as its Christmas- Jack Skellington is out in full force.

Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. That's the coolest tree EVER!! :D

    Merry Christmas, Ash x

  2. awww, yay thank you!! Was very last minute indeed. merry christmas to you! Hope you've had a really lovely day.

  3. r u kidding me???? christmas tree EVER! where on earth do u purchase those amazing deco's?! best of luck for 2012

  4. haha thanks!! Some I've had for a few years- the NECA mini bobble heads set, then the rest are the Disney store and the Jack head lights were bought on ebay from america- so quite a variety there! And thank you, happy new year to you! Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing work over this year :)




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