ParaNorman- watch out!! 2012

OK, so for me- a MASSIVE Tim Burton fan..he is a major, major inspiration and influence of mine. I adore his work, his vision and just his whole take on things. The technique he employs within his work is just second to non for me. I just watch his films in awe and truly admire them and appreciate the dedication, talent and time put into them all- not just from him but the mass team of people involved. ...

But... I have to say, I think my all time favourite film/animation of mine has to be Coraline. I first seen this when it was released at the cinema in 2009 and it was the first time I'd seen a 3D film too. But right from the start is was amazing and for anyone who hasn't seen it- WATCH IT!! It's incredible. I've since watched it pretty much weekly and I still love it just as much as ever, I've never been sick of it. Visually it's incredible and the character design is just fantastic. Really really great, different and fun design. Each character is their own- all totally different and quirky.It was also so advanced in terms of stop motion animation, done in the true traditional form but more advanced with the model making and 3D printing. Now Coraline was made by LAIKA. ....

They are now working on Paranorman and for the last few weeks or so, I've been watching more and more about this and I'm so excited for its release in August next year. It again is stop motion but the photos I've seen look immense. The detail is crazy. This just inspires me to the extreme. This is what I would just love to create, to be at that level and work on things like this in the future.

'the new family horror feature from Coraline animation studio LAIKA, the film has seemed like a promising new prospect. The story, animation with stop-motion, is about a young boy who can see the dead and must protect his town from a zombie invasion. The first teaser trailer for the movie didn’t dim expectations at all. Rather, it raised them by demonstrating that the film might have an enviable balance between quirk, comedy and thrills'.

So keep an eye out for this but for now check out the trailer and pics. I just had to share it on here. And also check out their twitter for more updates.

This is sure going to be a major highlight for me next year, I really can't wait! With this and Burton's 'Frankenweenie' 2012 is going to be the year of stop motion!!...meaning me becoming obsessed for life with more films, more memorabilia and of course more 'art of' books!


  1. I already got my ticket!!! :D :D :D

    Ps Nice new profile pic :)

  2. Great!! I have to go and see it the first day of release!
    Awww and thanks!! :)




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