The Stagg Do- cut out test

Today I attempted a test of the Judge for the cut out. I had basics of him cut out from a front view. I needed to understand how he'll move and scale etc. I learned a lot from this already- it took a while, but I need to get a multiplane built because it will make things SO much easier to animate and create more depth too. It's the proper way really go get this kind of animation done. Yet you cant buy a multiplane so I'll have to get one built asap. It's something I think will be massively beneficial though and really pay off. It will also mean I can place the background separate to the character without worring about moving him over the background itself easily enough.

So anyway, back to the test today. When I began to move him- his arms I suddenly thought oh damn, this ain't gonna work how I planned. The movement for the joints and arms need to be changed. The way it is right now doesn't allow for proper movement and wont allow me to do a lot that I need to. So this is something that needs a major, quick re-think!

Now this is a basic test, the movement of the arms up to his head would need to be corrected, his expression/eyes would change a little, and of course thats without any background either.

Another thing I found out is that the tree's I have done are too large, I need to make smaller ones.
And last but not least here is another rough example of the fabric style/trees...

So that's what I've been up to and what I plan to get done or need done asap.


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