The Stagg Do- cut outs and ink

I've been a little held up with things lately for getting everything prepared to animate for The Stagg Do animation sequence.

But after shopping around some more I got another 2 fabrics to use in it for the background and then started to separate each part of the Judge to cut out. This is something that's going to take a long time, for each element of him, from different views, sizes and also of the rabbit and the bandana at different sizes, the arrows etc. A lot of detailed cutting out! Good job I have patience because it was only once I started cutting them out the other night that I realised just how small the scale is to cut out and how precise you need to be.

This is just a small start I made to test..

I've also been trying with the ink drops- I was going to get a fish tank but I think I can make what I have work as long as I set it up right and time properly....not the 5 mins that I ended up filming last time. Got a bit carried away!

The ink drops is something I need to finish and get a final version of, it's also going to fill to red right at the end. I tried this on a test and it worked well as it matches to when the rabbit dies at the end (sad I know) - so its kinda appropriate really.

More to come on this next week I hope.


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