The Stagg Do - Storyboards, rough version

I've been working on a rough version of the storyboards for The Stagg Do animation. Whilst I have the script for this scene and the image in my mind for how it will look- a storyboard is still needed, not only for me but for Zahra and James too, to make sure we are on the same wave length and all that.

So as I said this is the rough version- as you can tell (he looks like a ninja and just in basic form). The colour swirls in the background are to represent the colour ink drops/flow footage that will be behind the tree's.

After discussing this with James, there will be a change to the end scene where the rabbit dies. Instead of the last few frames as they are, it will be a MCU shot, done in shot/reverse to make the scene more dramatic. Also right at the start, the judge does have his stetson and is 'running on air' before crashing into the tree.

Further storyboards aren't required so I'll make some more notes for myself, ready for when it comes to animating. And with all that- things are coming together a little more- slowly but surely.

And...happy December everyone!


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