Textures and experiments

Last week I went into town and was having a look for some nice textured paper to use for the tree's in the animation sequence for 'The Stagg Do'. There wasn't really as much as I expected which is a shame but I got 2 nice patterned sheets of wrapping paper, which with a tree shape cut out- should create the look I'm hoping for.

So then after that I was in Fenwicks and browsing around and started looking at the fabrics in the haberdashery department and I had a 'light bulb' moment...or so I hope so! I found a stunning bobbled fabric which would of looked amazing for the tree's but sadly wouldn't work because of the bobbles, the judge character wouldn't be able to move over it. But I did however find a nice mixed/sage green kind of fabric. It's got like a mottled look and looks a lot nicer in real life. I adore the look of fabrics in animations and I really hope this works in mine to incorporate some. This fabric I got will either be used for the bushes in the riverbank scene or for the forest scene at the start.

These aren't the best of images but just to give you an idea. I will be going back this week to get more as I don't have all the materials and thing's I need yet.


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