Tree bark!

On a previous post there were a few pics of trying out textures for the tree's to be created for the animation. As you know, I really thought 'corrugated card- the way to go' but no, it just didn't look right. So I tried out an old and trusty tested method of mine using foamboard and polyfiller... well now its painted. Which I did earlier today.
I think it does give a good 'bark' texture and I really like the style, but- and its a big but.... this isn't going to work either in the animation. Sure it might look pretty but it doesnt serve its purpose. I must of had a blonde moment because- how can you animate a 2D cut out character moving over/across something like that. It's not possible unless I had a multiplane camera/table which I dont.

So the best resolution to solve all of this is to go and look around in town for some cool texture paper and make flat versions with this- which will still look as effective. I'm also going to layer up the tree's to create more depth rather than singular in a row as shown in the rough storyboard.

And on a final note- I'm now the proud owner of Dragonframe. I bought it online a few days ago and I'm just waiting for the USB keypad to be delivered (from USA). I'm really looking forward to learning more about this amazing software- its created some incredible animations and has immense reviews- so yay!

And... on a final, final note- I also now have a daylight desk lamp and WOW its like a life changer! I can't believe the difference, my paper actually looks white now. I can see what I'm working on! Not just in the dark with with a yellow light. So things are coming together really nicely in terms of setting myself up more.


  1. Wow, these look amazing!! A lot better than the corrugated card too.

  2. Thank you! Yeah, the card just wasn't right at all. It's changed a bit again now since.

  3. I think these look really great! Cool seeing a project come together. All the best!

  4. Thanks Jon!! Hopefully more to follow soon : )




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