Animation tests

Time for an overdue update. I've been really busy with working on planning the animation sequence for The Stagg Do. I've made some rough, quick tests now that all the assests are cut out and from doing the tests I've learned that some parts need to be changed or printed out again.
The other thing is getting the ink in the background right. Using a range of colours- it builds up too much and isn't very continous throughout the animation itself- so I've tried a version with just black ink, just blue ink, again with colours and lastly a version of white with a black background which didn't work.
I think the white behind the ink makes the animation lack and this is something I will try to correct.

So in the meantime here are the rough tests. And on the plus side- I've learned with 'green screen' for compositing the animation with the ink footage using keylight in After Effects- something I'd never done before! Theres a lot to do yet and it takes a long, long time and after getting pretty stressed the other day, I had a bit of a breakthrough moment lastnight which I will be posting about.

Another but shorter version of the one above but with the black ink...

And last but not least, the black ink on its own:

I've still got to work on the movement, the background such as the trees and also the ink. The multiplane which I mentioned in earlier posts- the perspex arrived this morning so fingers crossed I'll have it built up for next week. Something to also learn from I'm sure- I've never animated using a multiplane before so it should be good!


  1. heyyy, this looks amazing!!! i love the backgrounds and style!!! cant wait for the finished product! best of luck.

  2. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate that and glad you like the style. Hope everything is good for you.




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