My cut out breakthrough!

Lastnight I had a little breakthrough in the way of which I can animate the characters for The Stagg Do animation. As you know its a cut out animation and being such...each piece is obviously cut out. Now working to this scale and with so many pieces I learned very very quickly just how difficult this is to animate when it came to moving the arms on the judge and even more so for when it comes to the rabbit- hes on a smaller scale.
Everytime I went to move the arm or hand just slightly, it was moving all the other parts too which is the last thing I wanted. Because they arent jointed with split pins (they are far too big) and even using blue tak wouldn't work as well because sometimes it can snag back a bit when you move it or can raise the paper too much and just makes it more hassel- depending on what your working on that is. It's still a good technique but just not as appropriate for this.

So.... I thought lastnight- thread them! If I could thread the joints together so it allows them to stay together but also move with far more control. I decided to try this today. I haven't done this with all parts yet but so far so good! It's quite a long process and the smaller pieces are a bit tricky because each part needs 2 holes for the thread and without it splitting. But I think in the long run this is going to work out so much better, allow more control and just be a massive help.

Here's some photos so far...

The front view of the judge will work the same but I realised that his head cant be threaded on as he has different expressions, so best to just place that in place when animating.


  1. Just a thought, you might find it a bit easier to produce that piece of animation in Flash..Flash is great for producing cut out style animation, you could import all your backgrouds etc and using layers could move bits around without disturbing bits that you dont wish to move !

  2. How is the multi-plane set-up coming along...? I REALLY wanna know :D

    By the way, you've probably seen this, but I'll link it anyway. I love it.

    Now I think I'll go watch Bambi :D

  3. Thank you! I did think about after effects or flash at the start but don't really have experience in those yet but I think a more hand made feel should work quite nice for this kinda thing too. It's something I want to try on Flash in the future though!

    Ah thanks Dan! Yeah that amazing that video. The multiplane I'm still actually waiting to get set up- I've got the perspex, just waiting for the unit to slot them in. But I got held up doing more cut outs/stitching anyways so it hasn't delayed anything really.
    Hope you enjoyed Babmi if you watchthed it! haha.

  4. D...E...A...N...!!! :/

    'Babmi' was ok. But Bambi was excellent! Have you been on the wine? :p

  5. I done it again!! Sorryyyy. Wow I'm at it with the typo's there. A lot of late nights lately but still no reason why- oops!! I type too quick...thats my excuse ;)




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