Pieces and pieces!

Happy new year everyone!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the new year. Here's to 2012! The year of creativeness!

So a lil update on the work I've been doing for FNA's 'The Stagg Do'. As you've seen I done a test of it last week which didn't work out very well- the movement wasn't right. So I've spent this last week re-drawing it and spliting up the elements correctly...I hope. To allow for the proper movement needed. It's been a lot more work than I thought for this- for it to work right but I've certainly learned from it and everything should now be planned right. Some is a case of trial and error of course but fingers crossed for this time.

I still need to get a multiplane built. Unfortunately the place I need to get the perspex from has been closed all over Christmas and New Year. So that's held me up a little bit with that but in the mean time... I've been doing these for days and just finished so here are some screenshots of how I've separated each part.

Now to go and cut them all out, very precisely with a scalpel!


  1. "The year of creativeness". Haha, I love it! It is true, it is true.

    Don't you get dizzy looking at all them bits and pieces? It would give me a headache trying to remember which part went where. But then, organisation is my least best friend. When something looks that complicated, and is that intricate, it is destined to be great.

    Good luck!

    Oh, I nearly forgot... (sorry this is turning into a long comment)... I was planning on making my own multi-plane table a couple of months ago, but plans changed in the end. I was looking at the specialist acrylic shops online for my perspex, but think I opted for the eBay route. There's an eBay shop called sheet-plastics that do many sizes and thickness'. Might be worth checking out if you're still looking.

    And a happy new year :D

  2. Yeah I'm trying to make sure I don't lose any now, there are all cut out and each in their own envelope! Such small scale though. Thanks!

    And thanks sooo much for the heads up there on the perspex! I did indeed check out ebay after your mention there (getting to the place here is too awkward) and it's been ordered. So should be here in a few days :) Thanks again!




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