In my previous post I was working on a little side project for a Laika creative challenge. The theme was 'movie stars'. You could create scene,character, environment based on a film in any medium. You could either create something from an already existing film or make up a whole new character/scene.

So I decided to create a certain Mr Forrest Gump! Hopefully it resembles him a bit, not so much in a realistic way but more of a fun style. Here are the entries that you can click like on to vote for.

After the epic burn, here are the trainers re-made..

The hands I tried making and for some reason was having a lot of trouble with. I did do them like I've done in the past (the peacock legs/feet) using liquid latex but it went pretty messy. So in the end I opted for sculpey for quickness and as its a still model.

Final model:

So that's that. I really enjoyed this as a little side project, as well as continuing working on with the FNA project. Whilst I had some little problems with this and there are things I would change- I really did learn a lot from it. It's helped me a lot and I'm clearer on what I need to work on and build upon. I want to try more with sculpting better heads, creating a better technique for the hands, clothing etc and I think making armatures is something I really want and need to work on. So all in all, a good beneficial thing to work on.


  1. Aha! Great stuff. Love the attention to detail, like the dirt on the trainers. Did you make the clothes and the bench too? If so, how? The pattern on the shirt and the wood effect on the bench work really well.

  2. Thanks so much! Ah yeah the trainers I noticed on pics of him were far from clean. Yeah I made the clothes and bench. Managed to get a blue check pattern fabric.
    - The bench was made in my fave way to get a wood effect, weird but seems pretty decent- cut out foamboard (or anything else if its for tree's) and then cover it all with multipurpose polyfilla. Then painted.




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