LAIKA creative challenge

The last 2 days I've been working inbetween the FNA work and then also started this which is a nice change lately and great to get back to making again! Feels like a long time since I've made anything with sculpey and its something I want to improve on a lot.

So the thing is for the LAIKA house creative challenge which they do monthly and here is their facebook page which you can check out. Their work is immense and so inspiring.

This is the general background of the challenge: CREATIVE CHALLENGE - The Academy Awards® are coming up on Feb. 26, so this challenge is movie-based. Create a scene, character or movie star using ay medium. Deadline is Friday, Feb. 10. Make!

It's not obvious what I'm making- or at least I dont think but all will become clear soon- I hope. If this works!

Really simple and basic armature, the head and feet will be created separate.

And then came an EPIC but later funny mistake! In the fact that I thought the kitchen was about to burn down. Major mistake and only after 3-4 minutes. So here is a lesson in how 'not to' use sculpey clay. This is what will happen otherwise.

So I started again and after a visit to Hobbycraft, I now have black beads to use for eyes too and for future models.

More to do yet and still continuing with 'The Stagg Do' animation too. Watch out for more updates.


  1. I'm enjoying your wip photos! And doesn't everyone almost burn down their kitchen at least ONCE while baking Sculpey clay ;)

  2. Looks like a cool side-project. I like the little guy's head. Will you be animating his striking chunky eyebrows? As Gromit shows, eyebrows can be very expressive!

    How on earth did you get the sculpey that burnt? That's some achievement!

    d E an ;)

  3. Thanks blacknick! Haha very true! And lesson well and truly learned. Didn't happen again ;)

    Dean (see i got it right- first time for everything haha)- thank you!He won't be animated, it's just a still model but good idea! Something I'd like to try in the future.
    Ahhh well the burning- can you believe that happened in less than 5 minutes....mistake of using the grill instead of top open and way too high. oops

  4. Wow, really nice work! Looking forward to seeing more!
    Cheers :-)

    1. Thank you! : ) I've now put the final images of him on the 'models and sculpts' page.




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