Technical and technology nightmares

One of those days where I had planned everything to get lots done and what do you know- technology fails me. So I'll post my anger as I'm stuck until I can get to replace the bulb.
After trying to set up the lighting with my multiplane (took a lot longer than I hoped)... I just started to animate and my camera battery went dead yet again. Rather stupidly it doesn't have the ability to be plugged in via power. So then I had to wait.... and whilst I was doing that, I decided to try and key out one of the frames I had shot to see what the footage was like behind it and good job I did. Last time during the tests, the green kinda worked but there is green on the tree's so it changes the colour a bit too much overall and can cause problems.
So I used red this time and found out that this is worse- as the brown tones are too red and it pretty much key's out the entire piece. As you can see....

Not good right? So I had to find something else to use as a background colour- I actually have nothing else really strong enough. A taupe colour is too similar and the only other thing I have is tracing paper (which I'm using to diffuse my lighting), but this is causing a similar problem...

And then after all that- one of my lights just blew on the rostrum so I can't go any further. It's been one of those days for sure. And with a deadline fast approaching, things like this are less then needed. I'm on hold til later tomorrow now until the bulb can be replaced (its not a normal one). I'd planned on an early start to get the initial 'running on air' scene completed. Technology is a blessing but also a nightmare at times!


  1. Oh no! Can you lower the intensity of the key? If that's the correct terminology...? Do you get me? Or maybe try a magenta coloured background? You could also try having a larger gap between the background and your trees. And maybe shine a light horizontally across the background so the light (and colour) isn't bouncing directly back...? I don't know if any of that will work - there's probably an easy solution, but I'm no VFX nerd. Hope you get it sorted. :)

  2. I tried changing a few of the settings on it but it didn't seem to make any difference- I'm new with all this- eek! So its all kinda learn as I go.

    I also had less tree's during the tests but I wanted to add more for a bit more depth and as it's in the woods- it looked a bit bare just a few. I'll give that a try though with the lighting thanks! Or maybes a lightbox under it. I will not be defeated1! haha. Thanks again, no doubt I'll be updating again soon with how it goes.

  3. Yikes! What a day! Wish I new more about "tech" stuff, so I could help. I'm sure you'll find a solution, hang in there!

  4. Thanks Jon. Yeah I'm getting there slowly- few more problems today but should be sorted tomorrow. Managed to get the lighting sorted thankfully.




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