Technology will not defeat me!

After everything the other day with things going wrong, I thought I'd managed to have everything sorted for the next day- to get an AC adaptor to power the camera rather than the battery keep dying.
So next day, turned out I was given the wrong information and there is no where in town that sells anything like that and Canon itself are out of stock too and it would take 28 days. ...back to panic.

I had another urgent look online and found one on amazon, it isn't an official Canon one but one that works for that model and to be honest- I don't care. As long as it served the purpose and I could get now. I got next day delivery and yesterday it arrived, and I also got another battery. So all set up and ready to animate....and there's a power cut!

But after all those little miss-haps I got animating. But now I've decided that its going to work better without the multiplane (as much as I love it)- it's not really giving me a lot of area to animate in once its all layered up because the proportions change a lot. Also a lot around it where the multiplane frame shows would have to be cropped out too.
So back to work tomorrow with it- I'm going to use the perspex sheets but not the frame itself.

And as this has become another test version in the end- this is what I mean by having to crop a lot etc.


  1. Hey, that was a great clip! Keep powering though!

  2. thanks Jon :) I managed to get it all done but now have to do the editing. Getting there though.




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