Family of armatures

After making the tester armature I went on to make the actual ones in the same way. There was five to make in total- Alfred, Beatrice, Charlie, Innocence and the cat Angus.

Like with the tester armature, these ones will also have their hands, feet and head made separate and attached after.

The feet will be something like this and attached with wire and putty...

Now for the actual armatures and first up is Alfred himself...

Then for the smallest armature I've made to date- Innocence!

Innocence completed for the body..

Angus the cat- yet without padding to him...

And general bits and bobs surrounding me in the making of it all...

Beatrice- with a hump! She has a arched back and very low neck. She'll be quite padded out too when it comes to clothing her, to bulk her shape out underneath.

And a neat little family of wire armatures at the end of it....

Next to follow is making the hands!


  1. Interesting assortment of armatures! I'm eager to see them fleshed out.

  2. I'm making wire armatures at the moment too. I find it the least fun part of making puppets :( You make em a little different to me.

  3. Thanks Blacknick, yeah I'm looking forward to seeing them done with the clothes on. Next step : )

    Dean- ahhh yeah, I don't mind really but there is a lot more I'd like to learn for making them because this is more basic. How do you make yours? (gotta say I prefer sculpting more though).




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