Fur frenzy!

Whilst I'm updating- here goes another post on the start of making Angus the cat for 'Innocence'

By Cheryl Walker

After making the basic armature for Angus using 2mm aluminium wire it was time to pad it!

So to pad out was quite a messy step. I used basic toy stuffing which you can buy from a haberdashery and other places. I used the epoxy resin glue to stick to the wire armature then pressed on pieces of the stuffing and then bulked it out more. Once it resembled a giant fluff ball, I let it all dry before then trimming to shape properly.

The next step took place when I went into the college- check it out, it was all official! Had my own pass ;)

This is the fur fabric being used for Angus and let me tell you- it's the messiest fabric EVER! It just went everywhere. I was covered, the table was covered, the floor, my hands but it was fun and after getting the basic template shape cut out, I began to stitch it together.

I've brought this home now to finish off as well as getting the clothes done for the rest of the characters. So thats the next main step to do for this. Then attach the hands and feet once they are clothed.




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