Hands- 'making of'

As promised, here is a making of for the hands of the armatures for 'Innocence'.

Firstly before I go any further, I have to credit an amazing and big inspiration to me- Jon, because it's from his technique and his blog that I learned this method so check out his blog here: 'Jon's Stopmo blog'

This is the post that got my attention to this technique a long time ago (back in 2010) when I was making the peacock models. Stop motion hands

This technique is similar to the way I created the peacock legs/feet but smoother but this time with clay within the hand and without wrapping thread/cotton around. And note- the characters for Innocence have 4 fingers, I didnt just miss one!

And again the hands will be attached at the end of the clothing being made for all of the characters.

Needed to create the hands are:

- 1mm aluminium wire (not fingers)
- 0.4mm wire (fingers)
- Air drying clay or sculpey if to bake
- Liquid Latex (hobbycraft etc)
- Flesh colour paint
- Small round or oval beads for fingers

So the first step was creating the basic loops with the 1mm wire:

Then take the 0.4mm wire and wrap it around the loop and thread through and loop at each end.

So it looks like this, then from this twist each one around so each finger is then double twisted in the same way as creating the arms/legs for the body of the armatures.

The oval beads are placed on the fingers and glued on using epoxy glue.

I then pressed and moulded some air drying clay into the palm of the hand to bulk it out and give shape before dipping in latex. You can use sculpey clay though and bake it first.

The next step once the clay was dry, was to then fill in the gaps between the fingers with the liquid latex. Not to really fill them right out but to fill in the gaps a bit before dipping the whole hands. When applying the latex to either the gaps like this or with dipping- it has to be thin layers and allow to dry before dipping or adding more as it will just go more lumpy and create air bubbles- not good!

First full layer dipped...

A few layers later- still visible to see through though so more is needed. But allow to dry.

Getting there- drier but once they were finished it was a very deep flesh tone (darker than the image shows here)

Too dark-

Using the same technique as before for Innocene's hands.

Again, the smaller versions of the hands for Innocence, using smaller rounder beads, not the oval ones. They are the smallest hands I've made so far and they look weird but work well for what they need to be.

After all the hands had dried, the colour was too dark for the flesh tone so I had to lighten up the latex with acrylics and re-dip them all again (and the necks). It's now a much paler flesh tone which is appropriate for the characters.

So thats making the hands! They will be attached once the clothes are made. Speaking of which, I just picked up some more fabric today for Beatrice's blouse and also bloomers! Yep a first for me- making bloomers!

I'm also still editing 'The Stagg Do' animation which is now having to be done frame by frame as everything else doesn't appear to be working right.
More updates to follow.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the mention, I'm extremely flattered! It's exciting to see you using my hand technique. Your hands look great! Cute and cartoony!

  2. Looking cool, Ashbob87.

    Where did you get your little dropper/bottle tool?

  3. Your welcome Jon, and thank you! Certainly a technique I'll be using in the future : )

    Thanks Dean! I managed to find the bottle just on the off chance in an art shop in Manchester- Fred Aldous. I think it was this here: http://www.fredaldous.co.uk/spare-outliner-bottle.html

  4. Ah, thanks for the link. That shop is ace. I don't think I'd be able to stop myself skipping down the aisles with joy on my face, browsing all the wonderful arts and crafts goodness :D

    Perhaps it's a good thing you can buy online :)

  5. haha I know, its a brilliant shop. I could spend forever in any art place. Like a kid in a sweet shop!




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