Other project revealed- 'Innocence' stop motion

I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to be involved in working on something else too and for the last week I've been in Manchester, busy busy busy.

I finished animating the scenes for FNA's 'The Stag Do' which I am now working on editing at the moment. I'll post more of an update on this soon with some images (not the final footage). Its proving to be a bit trickier than I thought to edit and also to keyframe the background out as some of the Judge's clothes and parts within the tree's are a similar shade to the background (lime green). And also editing is all very new to me so its more of as I go. But I'm glad I got the animation process done before I left- I literally couldn't stand up after animating all of that! The night before catching the train to Manchester...but it's been brilliant and exciting! Check out the other updates on 'The Stagg Do' blog- its getting closer now!

So back to the other project too- as some might know already (as I hadn't had a chance to update my blog before now)... its a stop motion called 'Innocence' and a colaborative project.
The info from the blog: 'Innocence’ is a short movie currently in production by Donna Mallett and Cheryl Walker in collaboration with freelancer Ashleigh Hutchinson, Stiobhart Matulevitz and Stefan Hall. Set in the 1950's, the story follows 7 year old Innocence into an inquisitive trip into her grandparent's attic where she comes across a box of voodoo dolls and unknowingly starts chaos within the household!

I've come to help out with building the armatures and doing some of the clothing for them too. It's been a busy week testing out different techniques for the hands, getting materials in etc. Although they are rather basic armatures as far as armatures go- I've made them this time using some different techniques and as well as the hands, feet and heads having to be attached at the end to allow all the clothes to fit.

Here are some of the character designs by Donna Mallett and Cheryl Walker.

'Innocence'by Donna Mallett

'Innocence'by Donna Mallett

'Beatrice' by Donna Mallett

'Beatrice'by Donna Mallett

'Beatrice' by Cheryl Walker

'Angus' by Cheryl walker

'Alfred' by Donna Mallett

'Alfred'by Donna Mallett

'Alfred' by Donna Mallett

Here you can find the blogs for the project itself, Donna's blog and Cheryl's blog.

'Project Innocence Blog'

'Donna Mallett's blog'

'Cheryl Walker's blog'

So that's the other project I'm working on right now as well as finishing 'The Stagg Do' animation. I'll be posting a kind of 'making of' of the armatures very soon with lots of pics and also a good update on all 'The Stag Do' work.


  1. Another cool project in the works? You've got your hands full for sure. Looking forward to seeing both!

  2. Sounds like an interesting project. I'm looking forward to seeing your wip photos!

  3. Thanks Jon and Blacknick! Got more posts to follow about this and loads more being posted on the proper blog too: http://innocenceshort.blogspot.com/ Been a really good few weeks.




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